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February Women on Boards Roundtable

  • 21 Feb 2023
  • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Zoom


  • Are you interested in a For-Profit, Non-Profit or Advisory board position? Are you currently on a Board and willing to share insights?

    Join C-Sweet for the Women on Boards Roundtable, an on-going national initiative to discover how to land a board position, discuss what’s required when you serve on a corporate board. What are the challenges? What are the perks? How can you land one of these highly coveted positions?

Women on Boards Roundtable
Tuesday, February 21st
3:00 pm PST 
/ 6:00 pm EST
We meet on the third Tuesday bi-monthly.

Let's Get More Women in the Boardroom, plus the 2023 Board Landscape

Women in the Boardroom – we still need more – what is the landscape like in 2023 for getting on boards? What are the trends? Will there be a quota? Are companies getting closer to a “normal” of inclusion on boards? Is it harder or easier to get on a board now? And what about the CEO role?

We have a long way to go. Statistics show that companies with more women leaders at the top, reflect more women in management and so on. Opportunities for advancement are much more available for those companies.

    Meet the speaker

    Michele Ashby

    Principal, Ashby Consulting Enterprises LLC

    CEO & Founder of ACE LLC, Ashby Consulting Enterprises LLC. Here, her focus is on educating, supporting and teaching women how to attain corporate board positions through her unique program, ACE Board Certification for Women. Ms. Ashby has a diverse background which includes 30 years as a gold specialist/analyst, financial expert, independent corporate director and successful entrepreneur. She was awarded, one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business in Colorado for 2019 by Colorado Chamber of Commerce for Women, for her work in training 1,000 women to get on corporate boards. She is a subject matter expert on Board Governance, Finance, and Strategy.

    Ms. Ashby has extensive board experience as an independent director with collective corporate board experience of 20 years on six corporate boards, as well as over 20 years of non-profit and trade association board experience. She founded Dani's Foundation, a non-profit organization, in memory of her daughter, Dani Stell, which contributed over $1 million for Ewing’s Sarcoma cancer research over 15 years. She also founded Dani’s Home (Lushomo Trust) in Livingstone, Zambia, to house and protect sexually abused girls.

    She is the author of 3 books and a former ultra-athlete. Michele is the first woman in North America to row 24 hours on a Concept 2 rowing machine – a total of 211,036 meters in 24 hours.

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    More about Women on Boards Initiative

    It takes a community, and we’re starting a focused initiative for YOU to land a Board position. The benefits of this Roundtable include preparation for board readiness, community, expanded influence, and insights into the process.

    Topics for discussion can include:

    > Board Insights and Board responsibilities

    >>Recruiters/board placement organizations/sources to identify openings

    > Board Readiness

    >> Learning options

    >> Creation of bios

    >> Practice of board pitches / value add for board seat

    >> Negotiation of compensation – pay and/or options

    >Act as an ongoing resource
    >Expanded network
    >Celebrate Success!

    Steering Committee Lead:

    Melinda Chelliah

    • Tailored for Growth, Inc., CEO
    • Wag! ($PET), Board of Directors, Audit Chair

    We welcome you to join us!

    This program is complimentary for C-Sweet Members. Non-members and guests may join any session for $49.

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    New to C-Sweet?

    C-Sweet™ is a national movement for women’s empowerment.

    We focus on women working and doing business together at the most senior levels. When women consciously work together, we support our families, our communities, and pull up those who follow.

    C-Sweet allows avenues for trusted and confidential exchange, as well as business and career development as members connect to freely brainstorm and discuss all challenges they may face.

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    When Female Leaders Collaborate, We All Win!

    When Female Leaders Collaborate, We All Win!

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