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April C-Sweet Business Roundtable

  • 6 Apr 2023
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM (PDT)
  • Zoom



Join us for a highly interactive, monthly Zoom event, facilitated by C-Sweet Members for the C-Sweet community. The C-Sweet Business Roundtable allows you to deepen relationships with other C-Sweet members.

C-Sweet Business Roundtable
We meet for 90 minutes once per month.

Thursday, April 6th

7:30am PST/ 10:30 am EST

This event is open to ALL!

Session Format:
7:30 am Welcome & general catch up
7:45 am: Icebreaker and introductions
8:00 am Member presentation begins
8:45 am Needs, Deals and Wants

Program wraps by 9 am sharp!

Metaverse Basics: A beginner’s guide to a new blockchain reality

A discussion on building blocks of the blockchain technologies, NFTs and the metaverse.

Meet the Speaker

Michel Narganes

Digital and Technology Transactions Partner at Manatt

For more than 15 years, Michel have guided venture-backed startups and other established clients through licensing, technology and commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and financing matters. Michel have worked with disruptors, such as clients in the growing cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFT spaces—including representing the platform that facilitated the highly publicized sale of Beeple’s piece Everydays: The First 5,000 Days in the first digital auction held by Christie’s.

Currently a partner in Manatt’s Digital and Technology Transactions practice, she leverage her experience to advise early-stage ventures, emerging companies, large corporations and investors in the midst of digital transformation partnerships and strategies.

Before joining Manatt, Michel served as in-house counsel at a large technology company, where she played a key role in the growth of global strategic partnerships, M&A and corporate compliance operations. Michel is also an entrepreneur, having founded her own legal services firm, which gave her firsthand experience tackling the gamut of challenges emerging companies face throughout their life cycles.

*** Check your calendars carefully!  All event fees are non-refundable. Replays are available for C-Sweet Members only. ***

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New to C-Sweet?

C-Sweet™ is the premier global community of female executives, unleashing unlimited potential for all.  We are a movement for women’s empowerment.

We focus on women working and doing business together at the most senior levels. When women consciously work together, we support our families, our communities, and pull up those who follow.

C-Sweet allows avenues for trusted and confidential exchange and business/career development as members connect to freely brainstorm and discuss all challenges they may face.

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When Female Leaders Collaborate, We All Win!

When Female Leaders Collaborate, We All Win!

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