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Web3 and Blockchain Mastery: A Corporate Executive's Guide

  • 26 Oct 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (PDT)
  • Zoom


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C-Sweet National Speakers Series

Thursday, October 26th

3:00 pm ET / 12:00 noon PT

Web3 and Blockchain Mastery: A Corporate Executive's Guide

As we shift from centralized platforms of Web2 to the decentralized networks of Web3, corporate strategies must evolve in tandem. This series decodes the promise of Web3 and delves into how blockchain, the foundation of cryptocurrencies, is creating transformative avenues for businesses. For corporate executives and professionals, understanding this transition is paramount in guiding businesses effectively in this new digital era.

In the rapidly unfolding digital age, the lines between traditional business paradigms and innovative digital models are blurring. As the world transitions from Web2 to Web3, so too must the professionals leading the charge.

Introducing our exclusive seminar series tailored for the discerning corporate executive, legal luminary, and financial front-runner.

Why This Two-Part Session?

  1. Pioneering Perspective: Dive deep into the transformative shift to Web3 and its profound implications on businesses and professional advisories. Equip yourself to guide and lead in this new digital era.
  2. Tactical Training: Navigate the labyrinth of crypto trends, assets, and technologies. Be at the forefront, making informed decisions and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.
  3. Regulatory Roadmap: Ensure your strategies and advisories are always in line with the evolving U.S. legal landscape surrounding digital assets. Stay compliant, mitigate risks, and future-proof your approach.

Join Professor Evans for an Enlightened Future and stay ahead of the curve. Ensure your role in this new world is not just as a passive observer, but as a strategic advisor, a thought leader, and a catalyst for change.

A complimentary event, open to all. 

Meet the Speaker

Professor Tonya M. Evans

Professor of Law at Dickinson Law | CEO of Advantage Evans, LLC | Owner/Publisher of Legal Write Publications (formerly FYOS Entertainment)

Tonya M. Evans is a distinguished full tenured professor at Penn State Dickinson Law and holds a prestigious co-hire appointment at the Penn State Institute for Computational and Data Sciences. Her outstanding achievements have earned her widespread recognition, including the esteemed 2023 EDGE in Tech Athena Award for Academic Leadership, BAM The Agency’s 101 LGBTQIA+ in Tech & Venture Capital 203 List. She was also a listee on the highly regarded inaugural Forbes Over 50 List in the Investment category in 2021 and named to the prestigious Fastcase 50 list in the same year.

With her vast expertise and experience, Dr. Evans actively contributes to numerous national and international boards and committees. She holds a significant role as co-leader in the World Economic Forum/Wharton DAO Project Series, a research initiative focused on the groundbreaking blockchain phenomenon. In addition, she serves as a Senior Advisor to Black NFT Art and Advisor to Maxwell Frost, a prominent US congressional candidate. Her impressive roster of international engagements solidifies her as a global thought leader in her field.

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