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Navigating the 21st Century Art World: Economic Strategies and Insights

  • 1 Aug 2024
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PDT)
  • Hilbert Museum of California Art at Chapman University - 167 N. Atchison St., Orange CA 92866



C-Sweet Orange County / Irvine CA Chapter

Networking Event

Navigating the 21st Century Art World: Economic Strategies and Insights

Thursday, August 1st, 5:30 - 7:30 PM PT 

Hilbert Museum of California Art

at Chapman University

167 N. Atchison St., Orange, CA 92866

Join us for an exclusive evening at the Hilbert Museum of California Art! Sponsored by Chapman University, this soirée promises an array of highlights, including guided tours of the museum, networking with fellow professionals, an exclusive Uncle Nearest tasting, cocktails, and appetizers. 

Delve into the evolving dynamics of the contemporary art world, offering valuable economic strategies and insights for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts. Topics include the impact of AI art on creativity and the market, contrasting the traditional career path of artists with the emerging trend of independent artists, examining the representation of female artists in the art world and whether it is improving, and exploring the nuances of collecting art in today's market.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to connect, enjoy fine tastings, and explore the vibrant art at the Hilbert Museum.

Complimentary for C-Sweet members. Non-member tickets - $69.

Meet the Panelists

Lia Halloran 

Associate Professor of Art, Chair, Department of Art

Lia Halloran, born in Chicago and raised in Pacifica, CA, developed a love of science while working at the Exploratorium in San Francisco during high school. She earned a BFA from UCLA in 1999 and an MFA from Yale in 2001. Her work often incorporates scientific concepts to explore perception, time, and scale. Halloran collaborates on interdisciplinary projects and is working on a book with physicist Kip Thorne about the Warped Side of the Universe. She received an Art Works Grant from the NEA in 2016 and has held artist residencies at various institutions. Her work is in collections like the Guggenheim and Harvard University and has been featured in major publications. Halloran lives in Los Angeles, is represented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, and is Chair of the Art Department at Chapman University, where she teaches painting and courses on art and science. 

Check out Lia's Artwork here:

Melissa Thrasher

Fine Artist

Melissa Thrasher is a fine artist based in Santa Monica, California. She believes that art has the power to bridge the gap between self and others, creating a profound connection through shared understanding. Melissa views the completion of a painting as the moment it transitions from being about her to being about and for the viewer, facilitating an exchange that acknowledges our true selves.

Growing up on the Great Plains and the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Melissa developed a deep connection with nature and the human experience, which converge in her work. Her diverse artistic expression combines abstraction with representational elements and sometimes venturing into sculpture.

Before embracing her career as an artist, Melissa worked in television and advertising, where she honed her storytelling skills for the masses. Through her art, she explores the power of shifting perspectives, expressing the internal and unseen, and continues to inspire and connect with her audience. 

Check out Melissa's Artwork here:

Sharon Rene

Artist and Photographer

Sharon Rene is an artist, photographer, world traveler, and visionary. As an artist, her work transcends boundaries, capturing the essence of diverse cultures and experiences. Through the lens of her camera, Sharon navigates the intricate dance of light and shadow, creating visual poetry that resonates with the soul. 

Beyond the canvas of her artistry, Sharon is a seasoned photographer whose lens narrates stories of life's vivid tapestry. Her global adventures unfold through captivating images, each frame a testament to the beauty she discovers in every corner of the world. Sharon's visionary spirit extends to her role in the Bee+Hive Artist Collective (BHAC), where she collaborates to curate a space for boundless creativity.

Check out Sharon's portfolio here:

Meet the Moderator

Helen Norris

Chapman University VP & CIO

Helen Norris is the vice president for information technology and CIO at Chapman University, where she is responsible for leading the university’s information technology strategy and services, and oversight of the University Library. She serves on several national non-profit boards, and is nationally known as an expert in Information Technology, Data Analytics and CyberSecurity. She was recently awarded an Orbie award recognizing her excellence in technical leadership. Helen is passionate about supporting and advancing other women, particularly in her chosen field of technology and has been a member of C-Sweet for several years.

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